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GRTHM Competition: The Entries are in

Added: Jul 9, 2016 | Competition | Updated: Jul 9, 2016


The closing date for this year’s NATT+ Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month competition has passed. Entries have flooded in about Gypsy Roma Traveller people and their sporting exploits. Thanks to everybody who entered. We look forward to examining the pile of entries.

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Added: Aug 29, 2016

‘Awards for All’ Research Project report

General News

In 2016, The Romani Cultural & Arts Company based in Cardiff, Wales, was very grateful to receive a £5000 grant to commission research and consultation into the opinions and aspirations of Gypsies and Travellers relating to the education provision on offer to their community’s children and young people.

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Added: May 15, 2016

NATT+ and National Roma Network Education Event



NATT+ joined forces with the National Roma Network Forum to host a one day event based on EAL/ESOL and education best practice for migrant Roma communities.

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Added: May 8, 2016

Response to Nick Gibb’s Letter

General News, NATT+ Responses


The following is the response by ACERT, NATT+, The Traveller Movement, Friends, Families and Travellers and Roma Support Group to Nick Gibb’s letter of 15th January 2016.

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