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Tuesday 26th November 2013

An extremely interesting and informative meeting was held at The Broughton Hub in Salford.

We looked what was working well for Gypsy Roma Traveller Children in schools and heard from several guests, including:

 - Margaret O'Brien: a local headteacher who does fantastic work in her school to provide successful outcomes for children and families from Showmen and Irish traveller communities.

 - Speakers from multi-agency groups

2 December 2013
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General news
2 December 2013

Message from Rromani peoples blogspot


As we know, there are a lot of Rroma people in the world  who are active on the Rroma issues, but nobody knows about them.

12 November 2013

NATT+ news

All the winning and highly commended entries to 2013's Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month competition run by NATT+ are now online to view. And we have a mystery to solve.

4 November 2013
General news
General news

Mervyn Hughes has compiled a list of medicines/ointments/remedies by Travellers: "Romany Remedies".  It is based on research at the Bodleian from journals around the turn of the century (Thompson) and one or two later sources.

21 October 2013
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