General news
General news

Mervyn Hughes has compiled a list of medicines/ointments/remedies by Travellers: "Romany Remedies".  It is based on research at the Bodleian from journals around the turn of the century (Thompson) and one or two later sources.

21 October 2013

On behalf of the Roma Virtual Network

Dear All!

As we know, there are a lot of Rroma people in the world  who are active on the Rroma issues, but nobody knows about them.

15 October 2013

Follow us to keep up to date on the move!

13 October 2013

NATT+ news

Suggestions welcome please to add to this list of websites for parents to use with their children when they are out of school, travelling. There are 100s out there - we want to sift through the good and bad and post ones which have been successfully used for distance learning work.    


12 October 2013
General news
General news

Marc Lorenzi has written to NATT+ to promote the services of The Communities Empowerment Network (CEN) and to increase it's visibility among the Travelling communities. Those working with Traveller families or parents are invited to refer people to their service if it is thought that they may need support or guidance.

The CEN is a unique charity offering free advice, support and representation to parents and carers across London whose children are affected by or at risk of school exclusion.

CEN image

6 October 2013
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