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The Local Story

Gypsy Roma and Travellers all around the United Kingdom.

In this section we introduce Travelling Families and Communities from around the nation.


Be Roma or Die Trying

Be Roma or Die TryingBe Roma or Die Trying has been created and performed by young Roma. It is a journey through their heritage and across London, examining Britain's ignorance of Romany culture while celebrating the new life Roma youth from eastern Europe are making for themselves.

Produced and directed by Simon Brown.

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Kent in the South East

Cherry Orchard

Cherry pickingMeet Nelson Crittenden and Buddy Smith who each June harvest cherries in the same cherry orchard as their ancestors in the small town of Paddock Wood in Kent in this short video >

Kent in the South East

Old Ways, New Days Book CoverOld Ways, New Days

Gypsy woman Rosie Smith and her second cousin Lindsey Marsh, have written a new book looking at the history of their community in the south-east of England.

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Cumbria in the North West

Appleby - The bBridge over River EdenAppleby Horse Fair

Listen to a recording specially made by four year-eight students at Appleby Grammar school.

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Devon in the South West

Following the Trail

Gypsy and Traveller families have few archives other than their own memories. And the things that feature most prominently are not just places, but people.

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Hertfordshire in the East of England

From the Boxing Booths to Beijing

Billy-Joe Saunders represented Britain at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Proud of his Romany heritage he is from a very long line of Gypsy fighters.

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Cambridgeshire in the East of England

Romany Poet

Kathleen Cunningham was a Romany poet who put pen to paper in order for her grandchildren never to forget where they came from.

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Derbyshire in the East Midlands

Bob's Our Uncle

Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson, writer and educationalist, is a tireless writer and activist on behalf of the community has actively preserved and celebrated Gypsy and Traveller heritage in numerous publications.

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Berkshire in the South East

Moving On but Proudly Staying Put

Berkshire slideshowTravellers remain a strong if often hidden part of Berkshire.

Snapshots of Gypsy and Traveller life that reveal that while times have changed many things have stayed the same, proving that the only real hallmark of a traditionally nomadic culture is to move with the times.

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Surrey in the South East

Travellers' Tales

Ambrose CooperThe hidden heritage of Surrey’s largest ethnic minority was uncovered in a series of films produced by Romany Journalist Jake Bowers on the DVD called Travellers Tales in 2005. To celebrate Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month, we’ve made 5 of the 18 films available exclusively available here.

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