This GRTHM website supported GRTHM between 2008 and 2011. It is no longer maintained and is hosted by the National Association of Teachers of Travellers and Other Professionals (NATT+) for interest only. Some out-of-date has been removed, but be aware that remaining pages may reference old events.

Reviews and Images from Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month 2010

Appleyby Fair Question Time

From Travellers Times on Vimeo.

This piece was filmed and edited by Jake Bowers but produced by the students of Appleby Grammar during the Fair this year.

Pictures from the Gypsy Heritage Day in Sussex where Gypsies and Travellers came together with the local police force to celebrate and share.

See pictures from the GRTHM event in Ash.

Does it matter where you come from?

Visit University of Cambridge's website to read a report on the day of presentations and discussions with those who may fall outside of the higher education system that happened on 10 June.

Holocaust Against the Roma and Sinti

Online now are videos of speeches from the official launch of the Holocaust Against the Roma and Sinti exhibition on 8 June.

Watch a short video that gives a taste of a great day of celebrations at Bourne Hall in Surrey.

Celebrating Gypsy Life in Surrey >

Otto Pankok imageRead about the History Seminar. Delegates also had access to a private view of the Otto Pankok exhibition at the same venue. You can see some of his work.

History Seminar >

Read about the Holocaust Against the Roma and Sinti exhibition launch on the opening day of GRTHM 2010.

Holocaust Against the Roma and Sinti Exhibition >

Read about the formal launch of the Holocaust Against the Roma and Sinti exhibition with Mr Romani Rose and guests from Germany.

Read about what happened >

See photos by Dr Chris Thomas a visitor to "The Big Fat Gypsy Festival" in Milton Park Cambridge.

Big Fat Gypsy Festival Images >

Pictures in Leeds

GRTHM in Leeds began with a photographic exhibition in the city centre library. You can read an article about the event written by Jodie Matthews >

Also see

Listen to Riah Knight singing at the launch of GRTHM 2010 at Mile End.

Appleby Fair. Get a quick taste of Appleby which this short panoramic clip of the fair. Also read about some Gypsy and Traveller concerns with the policing of Appleby Fair.


Read articles on a broad-range of subjects related to the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities. Read about individuals, groups and their culture.

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