Committed to the education of Gypsy, Roma and Travellers of Irish Heritage, Fairground, Circus, New and Bargee children and young people


NATT+ Roma Group

The aims of the group are to share good practice amongst members who are already actively working with the Roma or members who would benefit from meeting up and gaining more experience in this field.

The group also aims to promote a greater understanding and awareness of national and international initiatives and policies that directly affect the Roma. The group will also aim to identify and develop resources/projects that positively promote Roma culture and heritage.

NATT+ Letter to Minister for Communities and Local Government: Andrew Stunnel

The failure of the UK Ministerial Working Group to respond appropriately to the EU Commission’s National Strategies for Roma Inclusion is a serious cause for concern. Read the response from NATT+ Roma Focus Group.

"The Global Round Table: The Sustainability of Culture 2011, Budapest"

"The Global Round Table is a meeting point for thought and leadership that offers the possibility to strenghten the discourse between civil society and political,business and other societal leaders. It offers the prospect of open interaction and mutual learning in a way that might become a model for other such fora in the future. The key points and debates are widely disseminated."

Read Natalie's report from the meeting

Natalie highlights three key areas regarding the Sustainability of Culture as a result of the discussions at the meeting.