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Home Access

Get on in school – Get online at home

The general part of the Home Access scheme is now fully subscribed and has closed from September 2010. However applications are still currently welcome for children from low income families with Special/complex needs. The pupil must be in the age-range Year 3 to Year 9 and the family can apply even if they have already done so for another child in the same family. The pupil doesn’t need to be Statemented, but must have needs which justify the use of hardware and/or software which is additional to what was offered in the original Home Access package.

To explore this option the family needs to ask for an application form by phoning 0333 200 1004 (minicom 0121 748 1471), stressing that their child has Special Needs. If the child doesn’t have a Statement of Special Needs and the family doesn’t receive Disability Living Allowance for the child, then they will need to contact the school SENCO (or a relevant officer of their Local authority) to fill in part of the form.

home-access-familyOn January 11th the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, launched the Home Access programme. This government drive will help low-income families to get access to a computer and the internet to get online at home.

Low income families in receipt of certain benefits could qualify for a grant to buy a computer and/or a minimum of one years’ internet access. The programme is aimed at those that need it most and targets families that do not have access to a computer or the internet at home. This, of course, includes many Traveller families on a low income and with children in Year 3 through to Year 9 who will be able to apply for a grant.

It is worth noting that that ANY family can purchase the package which is priced at about £570. Further details about this option will be sent out to TES by the end of January.

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