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Home Access

Geoff Smith Letter of Endorsement

Home Access on the Move

Providing for mobile families

Letter of Support from the Ethnic Minority Achievement Team of the DCSF

4 January 2010

Making sure pupils from mobile families are able to continue with their education whilst travelling is a long standing concern for DCSF, local authorities, Traveller Education Support Services, schools, parents and pupils themselves. How to provide a relevant learning experience whilst a mobile pupil is not able to attend their host school has been the key objective and focus of the E-LAMP programme. Although the programme ends in July 2010, during the years it has been in operation it has established a strong foundation for the Home Access initiative which was launched at the end of 2009. It has shown how ICT can support learning in a mobile and distance learning context, with the added benefits of keeping the mobile child in touch with school and peers, inspiring participants and others to continue with or return to education, and encouraging aspects of family learning.

I commend this guidance to all local authorities, as it sets out the challenging issues an authority faces when planning the provision of a continuous, effective and relevant learning experience whilst at the same time ensuring that the experience is delivered in partnership and is sustainable and replicable. I also commend it to schools. It is no longer acceptable for any child to be denied access to an education which has the potential to improve life chances. This guidance supports that route to accessible education for mobile pupils.


Geoff Brown
Ethnic Minority Achievement Team
Narrowing the Gaps Division

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