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Bridge Builder Programme

tutor_pupilThe ‘Bridge Builder’ programme is an Alternative Provision initiative aimed primarily at learners from Traveller communities (e.g. Gypsy and Fairground learners) with tasks and materials which address their identity and culture, although it is open to any young learner who would benefit.

It has been specifically designed for learners in Year 9 or at Key Stage 4 and has a vocational emphasis. However it can be used with other age-groups including Post-16 learners.

Ormiston Education will provide a custom built virtual learning environment where both learners and tutors can access materials on-line. In addition there is an off-line facility for laptop use where home internet access is problematic.
The programme can be used in schools and by other agencies to reinforce engagement and add to qualifications.

It can also be used out of school, where it can play an important part in building bridges back into vocational education for those who have become disengaged from the schooling system.

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