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Parent Held Education Record Book

parent-held-education-recordWe are delighted to announce that the “RED” book is now available as a download. This is an updated version in the new NATT+ colours.

The Parent Held Education Record Book is designed for pupils who travel between schools on a regular basis. It helps facilitate continuity of education by giving a teacher a quick and easy guide for beginning to address the pupil’s needs by saving time of unnecessary assessment. By filling in the records everyday it helps give, both teacher and pupil, a sense of achievement.

Printed copies of this book are available but many TESs have requested this invaluable resource to be available as a download for families and TESs to access.

[s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)] Download Parent Held Education Record [/s2If]

Also useful is  this leaflet ‘Advice for teachers new to Distance Learning‘ aimed at teachers who have not had experience of distance learning before.