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People forget, God Remembers

Added: January 20, 2015 | General News

Follow this link for a short video documentary about the Roma Holocaust. It’s about the Roma Holocaust in Baltic States by Miriam Schwartz.

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UK Roma Population one of the Biggest in Europe

Added: October 30, 2013 | General News

Channel 4 News report

An estimated 200,000 Roma migrants are living in Britain, new research shared exclusively with Channel 4 News reveals. Read more and watch a news report on the Channel 4 news website.

UK Roma Population

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Film-maker helps put Gypsy Children at ‘Dire’ Housing Complex in the Spotlight

Added: January 17, 2013 | In the Media

A University of Derby graduate film-maker is training Roma gypsy children to photograph their difficult lives in a mass housing complex in Slovakia.

​Artur Conka, 22, made a short film about people living in a crumbling housing complex in Slovakia.

Artur Conka, 22, who graduates with a BA (Hons) Photography...

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Requiem for Auschwitz

Added: October 13, 2012 | General News

The Romedia Foundation released its advocacy spot for the series of cultural events Requiem for Auschwitz. The Requiem for Auschwitz is part of a pan-European project and brings to Budapest, Hungary, a spectacular concert, a documentary film festival and an exhibition. The video spot, shot in the prestigious Raleigh Studios...

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Leading the Way Conference

Added: March 15, 2011 | Conferences

Village Hotel, Leeds 6-7 March 2011

The NATT+ conference “Leading the Way” successfully took place on the 6th and 7th March. A intense day saw great presentations and workshops, good debate as well as important networking and catching up with old friends. Those that were able to take up the...

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