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Young Voices Competition – Billy Chapman

Added: Nov 5, 2014 | Competition

Billy’s Family

By Billy Chapman (aged 7) Key Stage 1 Winner

Billy Chapman - Meldreth Primary School, N. Royston

Billy Chapman – Meldreth Primary School, N. Royston

My name is Billy Chapman and my grandad tells me lots of stories about the old Travellers and the old fair grounds. Grandad’s first stall was bumper cars and a bouncy castle. He use to travel around the country with the trailer attached to the lorry that had the bumper cars in it, on the side use to be the bouncy castle. Grandad has got lots of rides on fair grounds now and they are all run by sets. Do you know what a set is? Well, I will tell you. A set is a square thing that has a pipe on it we start the fire and it goes down the pipe to the plugs then it spins and goes off to the different rides. We have to check the set a lot to make sure the petrol hasn’t run out. It isn’t electricity that runs the rides but fire.

The Chapmans still have lots of rides at the fair grounds. My family has a ladybird ride which is run by my big sister and dad. She needs my dad to help set it up, so they share the job of running the ride. My mum has a Kils (which sells hot dogs and sweets). I have my own hammer stall, people give me money to have a go. They have to use the hammer to hit the metal item, that shoots up and hopefully hits the bell. If it hits the bell I give them a prize. I am really kind because if it doesn’t hit the bell I still give them a prize. My little brother has the same stall as me, but his is for little children.

Setting up the rides with my dad, mum, grandad and uncles is hard work. We use the crane on the back of the lorries to unload the rides and put them back at the end of the day. Putting all the poles together needs lots of strength because they are heavy. My dad takes four poles, and I take one so I help as much as I can. There is a lot of shouting when we set up because we want to be ready before the people come in.

Mum and Dad make sure we all go to school, this I don’t like. Going to school is a good thing because we learn lots of different activities. My reading has got better this year and I would like to reach the top level. Maths is good because it helps me learn about money which I need to know for my stall. I would like to be on the fair every day on my stall earning money.

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