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Young Voices Competition: Special Awards

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Special Awards

Harefield Infants School, Family Learning Group:

  • Frankie Stubbings
  • Poppy Stubbiness
  • Theresa Nevin
  • Brurie Farhall
  • Charlie Beach
  • Keiron Nevin

“We met as a group to work on entry for the NATT+ Traveller History month competition.

Our mums and some of our older brothers and sisters came in to school to help us. We met for 5 weeks each Friday. We talked about Traveller life and what is important to us.

We decided to use our voices to tell you about our favourite things and some we don’t like.

We decided to write a postcard to Richard O’ Neill who came into our school to tell us stories.

We put together collage pictures of things we like and did some writing too.”

You can see the postcard below.

Elm Church of England Primary School, Wisbech:

  • Years 3 and 4

See the pupils work below

St. Patrick’s Primary School, Heysham, Year 5 girls:

  • Nicola Gavin
  • Celina Harrison
  • Katie Adams
  • Olivia Howarth
  • Julia Maekiecwicz

This entry was from a group of year 5 girls that meet weekly with a

Learning Mentor. For the competition they looked at something they all liked:  fashion! They made outfits that wouldn’t cost anything! We used basic recycling materials and team work.

Download a pdf with more information and pictures of the girls outfits.

Harehills Primary School, Leeds City Council

  • Romana Brezovjkova
  • Natalie Bobakova
  • Milan Gabor
  • Alexandra Kompusova
  • Miriam Kandrocova
  • Nada Pilova
  • Wendy Puskova
  • Danielle Puskova

Harehills work was a result of discussion linking GRTHM and Refugee week.

Nada and Wendys picture can be seen below.

Alexandra, Milan and Miriam (all Year 5), and Romana, Natalie and Danielle (all from Year 6) created a booklet. Download a pdf.

Romana, Miriam, Alexandra and Milan submitted written work which can be seen below, as can an illustration by Natalie.

Harefield Junior School, Middlesex

  • Chanel Beach
  • Billy Stubbings

View Chanel and Billy’s entries below

Babington Community College, Leicester

  • Ondrey Olah
  • Claudio Hodla
  • Kevin Bertok

Babington Community College have a vertical group of Roma pupils who originate from Slovakia and the Czech Republic from Keystage 3 and 4. This group of Roma pupils worked with professional writer Richard O’Neill to produce the play Af Nevo – Being New.

Follow this link to read the beginning of the first scene and watch a sample of the play being performed.

Heysham Library

  • Monday night club

Heysham Library Monday Night Club entered a mosaic of a Bow Top Wagon to the GRTHM 2014 competition. The mosaic was the final part of a 3 folds project realised in partnership between the children of Heysham Travellers community, Lancashire County Council Cultural Services, Lancashire Ethnic Minority/Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Achievement Service and Lancashire Global Education Centre.

See the Monday night club’s mosaic below.

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